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At Crim Law, we have dedicated our careers to helping people and families victimized by doctors’ mistakes, hospital errors, and other forms of medical malpractice. 

People put a lot of trust in physicians and other medical professionals. Unfortunately, the medical industry does not always live up to its responsibilities. When malpractice happens, it can have devastating consequences for the patient and their family.

A West Virginia medical malpractice attorney will help you understand your rights and fight back by seeking compensation for your injuries.

What is Medical Malpractice in West Virginia?

Medical malpractice happens when a doctor or other medical professional does not meet a certain standard of care in treating a patient, causing the patient to be injured. It can include situations in which a patient suffers a new injury or illness and those in which an existing condition is made worse.

The specific standard of care expected depends on the circumstances but is generally that which would be expected of a reasonably prudent and careful medical professional in the same situation. 

Hospitals, nursing homes, dental practices, and other healthcare providers are generally liable for malpractice by employees acting within the scope of their jobs. These companies also often have malpractice and other forms of insurance, which may cover some claims.


Hospitals provide a wide range of services, which means they can be exposed to a variety of malpractice claims. Some of the most common include claims related to the failure to admit a patient, as well anesthesia and other mistakes during surgery. If you or a loved one were a victim of medical malpractice in a hospital, a West Virginia medical malpractice attorney can help,

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Long-Term Care Facilities

These facilities are home to residents who are among the most susceptible to illness and injury, from bedsores and broken bones from slips and falls to malnourishment and problems related to medication errors. When a resident is injured or dies, it often poses questions about the care provided by the facility and its staff.

Therapists, Mental Health Facilities

Malpractice suits against mental health professionals are rising in West Virginia and across the country. Whether it is a claim alleging the failure to treat mental health issues with medication properly or that a therapist did not adequately assess a patient’s suicide risk, these cases often raise complicated questions about the standard of care required from mental health professionals.

Medical Doctors and Nurses

Doctors and nurses are often on the front line when treating patients for a wide range of illnesses, injuries, and conditions. Some of the most common forms of malpractice include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Prescription errors
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Pregnancy and birth injuries
  • Negligent early discharge

Sadly, many of these kinds of errors are preventable. Hospitals and other medical care providers must ensure that their doctors and staff are adequately trained, equipped with the tools they need, and properly supervised. 


Pharmacies and pharmacists also play a key role in helping people manage pain and treat medical conditions. However, malpractice commonly happens when a pharmacist incorrectly fills a prescription, fails to provide appropriate instructions for use, or does not properly warn a patient of the risks associated with the medication.


Dentists can do serious harm when they fail to properly identify oral health issues, recommend the correct course of treatment or make errors in carrying out that treatment.

Ancillary Care Providers

Diagnostic and support service providers play an important role in healthcare by helping doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions. However, when they make mistakes, it puts people’s safety and even lives at risk.

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