The Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Attorneys at Crim Law Will Help you Secure All of Your Insurance Benefits and Coverages 

Good, hard-working people purchase insurance policies for protection and piece of mind and have every reason to believe and expect that their insurance company will honor its obligations when a claim is reported.  Unfortunately, that is oftentimes not the case.  Claims are frequently denied or delayed based on policy exclusions and limitations while you struggle to move forward.  If you have found yourself in this position, the attorneys at Crim Law are here to help. We will analyze your policy, develop a litigation plan based on the unique facts of your case and proactively pursue your claim.  Let our group of experienced trial attorneys take on the insurance company so that you can put your efforts where they belong, dealing with and overcoming the loss that led you to file your claim.  

Common Insurance Disputes in West Virginia 

Insurance litigation can arise in a wide range of different scenarios. Our firm regularly handles disputes involving:

  • Scope of coverage: It is not uncommon for an insurance company to allege that a particular claim or loss is not covered by the policy of insurance.  This can happen when you have presented a claim to your own insurance carrier or when you have presented a claim to an insurance carrier for someone who has caused you injury or damage.  
  • Bad faith claims: Claims of this type arise when your insurance carrier wrongly refuses to provide you the coverages and benefits you are entitled to under your policy of insurance or unreasonably delays in providing you policy benefits. In these situations, you are permitted to file suit directly against your insurance carrier and you can recover monetary damages for the losses you have sustained as a direct and proximate result of the insurance carrier’s unlawful conduct, as well as, additional damages, including punitive damages. 
  • Breach of contract: Insurance agreements are legally binding contracts and are enforced in the same manner as any other contract. .
  • Catastrophic loss: These claims typically involve a natural disaster or another event that causes sweeping and extensive damage impacting several policyholders.
  • Construction law: Construction-related insurance disputes often raise complicated coverage questions spanning a number of different policies.
  • Premises liability: Accidents can and do happen, raising questions about whether the injuries that result are covered by auto, homeowners, or business insurance policies, depending on the circumstances.
  • Products liability: Insurance policies that insure businesses whose products malfunction or otherwise cause consumers to be injured.
  • Director and officer insurance: D&O policies often cover executives in situations where they face personal liability related to their roles at their companies. Disputes often arise over whether the policy applies to the particular facts and circumstances of the situation.
  • Professional liability: Lawyers, health care professionals, and others often obtain professional liability insurance for protection if the person faces liability related to their job. Scope of coverage issues frequently arise in these types of claims, the outcomes of which are generally determined by the specific language contained in the policy.
  • Insurance fraud: Claims of this type arise when an insurance carrier alleges that the individual presenting the claim has done so in an untruthful or false manner.  

Regardless of the type of dispute, the earlier you seek legal representation the more likely the matter can be resolved successfully in your favor. The insurance carrier will likely have legal counsel early in the claim-handling process, and so should you.  

At Crim Law, we provide our clients with honest, straightforward advice best suited to the specific facts of their case.  Our attorneys have decades of experience representing insurance policy holders in coverage and bad faith litigation in West Virginia.  Moreover, our veteran attorneys spent many years representing insurance companies in coverage and bad faith litigation prior to joining Crim Law, so we know, understand and can anticipate the tactics that they will employ to try and defeat you and your claim. 

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If you are an insurance policy holder and have been denied insurance coverage, the insurance coverage and bad faith lawyers at Crim Law can help.  

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