The Attorneys at Crim Law Can Help Guide You Through The Most Complex Commercial Litigation Matters 

Litigation is one of the costs of doing business in West Virginia.  The method a business employs to manage disputes and handle the risk of litigation can have a significant impact on its bottom line and become a significant factor in whether it will continue to be viable.  At Crim Law, we pride ourselves on helping people and businesses navigate a wide range of commercial legal issues.  Firm founder Michael Crim has been representing clients in courtrooms for nearly 30 years and has a strong track record of successful results.

Common Business and Commercial Litigation Cases in West Virginia

Commercial disputes can arise in various situations and raise questions under a myriad of state and federal laws. The earlier you address a dispute by seeking the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney, the more likely you are to be able to resolve it without a long, drawn-out court battle.  Regardless of the type of dispute, it is vital to have an experienced trial lawyer in your corner. 

Effectively Resolving Business and Commercial Disputes

At Crim Law, we know how stressful and disruptive it can be when businesses and their leaders are dragged into legal fights. Our firm is committed to resolving these cases on optimal terms so that our clients can focus on what they do best: running their businesses.

Crim Law’s business litigation lawyers are tireless litigators who are not afraid to go to court. With more than 100 years of collective experience, the attorneys at Crim Law have learned how to best present cases to judges and juries in the most clear and convincing way.

Our attorneys are also accomplished negotiators who look for every opportunity to resolve matters before they get to court. That includes working with clients to review and draft commercial agreements, spotting issues before they escalate, and negotiating settlements on optimal terms.

Consult a West Virginia Commercial Litigation Attorney

If you are currently locked in a dispute, want to understand better your rights and options in the event litigation happens, or are looking to proactively reduce your legal risk, our business litigation lawyers can help.  Our office is conveniently located in Clarksburg, and we are pleased to serve clients throughout the region. Contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our commercial litigation attorneys.