The Construction Litigation Attorneys at Crim Law Can Assist you in Resolving Legal Issues that Arise When Your Project is not Completed As Contemplated

The attorneys at Crim Law have substantial experience representing clients who have been negatively impacted by any number of construction issues.  All too often, issues arise during the construction process, including, but not limited to, delays, cost overruns, lack of performance, and negligent or defective workmanship.  Issues of this type can arise before the project begins, during the construction process, or, all too often, only become known after the construction project has been completed. When faced with these issues, you should immediately seek the advice of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who are dedicated to resolving matters in a way most advantageous to you.  That is why it is vital to address and resolve disputes early on before they result in the disruption of your project.  In those instances where amicable resolution is not possible or where the contractor walks off the job and refuses to perform, litigation may be your only option.  At Crim Law, our construction lawyers will zealously represent your interests, whether at the negotiating table or through trial.   

Common Construction Disputes in West Virginia

Disputes are a common occurrence on construction projects.  Whether the issue affecting you arises from a small home project or a multi-million dollar commercial development

At Crim Law, some of the most common disputes that lead to litigation include:

  • Construction Defects
  • Excessive costs
  • Change orders
  • Project Delays
  • Subcontractor substitution
  • Architect or engineer malpractice 
  • Contract breaches
  • Accidents and injuries

When these and other disputes arise, it is essential to have a seasoned West Virginia construction litigation lawyer in your corner.

Resolving Disputes Without Litigation

Regardless of the type of dispute, there are a number of steps you can take to minimize the impact. That starts with ensuring contracts are clearly drafted so all sides are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities, and the process for resolving any disputes is laid out in detail.

When disputes happen, they can often be resolved without full-blown litigation and the costs and delays that come with it. At Crim Law, we have had significant experience resolving construction disputes through negotiated settlements that have enabled a project to move forward without harmful interruptions.  However, when a dispute can only be resolved through litigation, the trial attorneys at Crim Law have vast experience in the courtroom and can effectively represent your interest through trial.   

Speak With a West Virginia Construction Litigation Attorney

If you find yourself locked in a dispute concerning a construction project or you are simply looking to proactively avoid disputes down the road, a West Virginia construction litigation attorney at Crim Law can help. Our office is conveniently located in Clarksburg, and we are pleased to serve clients throughout the State of West Virginia. Contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our West Virginia construction litigation attorneys.